Welcome Back!

Welcome back Chocolate Lovers!  After a January break to inventory and restock, Cocoashak is again open and ready for business.  And we’re happy to announce that our December 9 piece gift box winner is Marie……..  We will continue offering this raffle throughout the year, enter each month for an opportunity to win.

 We started January with an Overstocks and Imperfects sale.  We still have some holiday items including chocolate covered pretzels and mint marshmallow trees for sale along with broken bars, which are half-price.  All still taste great—-just think, a pre-broken bar makes it easier to enjoy your chocolate!

We are working on some new items for Valentine’s Day.  We found a supplierchocolate covered cherries for gorgeous maraschino cherries that do NOT contain any high fructose corn syrup.  We are going to use them two ways this year and they can only be ordered for Valentine’s Day, you won’t find them in the case.  First we’ll do a traditional chocolate covered cherry as pictured to the right.

We are also going to do a dipped cherry.  We leave the stem on the cherry to make it easier to eat….don’t worry there isn’t a pit!  We’ve already tried them and they are delicious!  For single chocolate covered cherrychocolate covered cherry candies or chocolate covered cherry fruit, we need to have all orders in by Friday, February 7th.

Don’t forget chocolate covered bacon and chocolate dipped strawberries.  Orders for bacon should also be in by the 7th, but orders for dipped strawberries can be made up until Wednesday, February 12th.

Valentine’s Day falls on a Friday this year, so be sure you’re making your plans early.

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